Worldwide we have improved the lives of many people with our services. Some of these workers shared their testimonies with AEMIM

I was a young graduated from the polytechnic and needed a job to start paying my student loan. This was my worry, a friend told me about AEMIM and I thank you for the good job opportunity. I am Production assistant and almost done with the loan.

As a Zimbabwean, I went to South Africa in search of greener pasture. It was not easy while in SA. A member of the Church I was attending in Cape Town testified of securing a job and Canada work visa through Awesome Employment and Immigration Services. I went to see our Pastor after Church service who gave his number. I'm happy; I got a job as Animal Control Worker despite applying as an unskilled worker in South Africa. I can now support my Parents and siblings.

I work as an Office Assistant. I am originally from Turkey, but I always love Americans and their culture. I wanted to travel abroad, of course to the United States. Awesome Employment & Immigration Services was introduced to me through a friend I met online. Like they say, today I am living the American dream.

My whole life is a testimony that God still performs miracles. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Whenever I look back to where I started to where I am and where God is taking me to, all I can say is "Thank You Jesus". My life is indeed a testimony that God still performs miracle and His blessings make rich and add no sorrow.

Having lost my job as a marketing executive with a private firm as a result of mysterious death of our Group Director and our GMD (his wife), I got tired of searching for a white collar jobs and decided to settle for the job of a security guard in an oil servicing firm. This was the most humiliating job I've done in my entire life. Imagine what it means for a Master degree holder to push the armored gates in sunlight and in the rain with a meager pay which in most cases comes after your bills have accumulated far above your income. For the two years I did this job, I'd written quite a number of applications without any luck; I also sent resumes to relations without any corresponding job offer. But in all, I never lost hope in the fact that God still have greater plans for me.

August 4, 2019, it was on Sunday, our Pastor asked those of us expecting a miracle, God's intervention in our life to fast and pray for three days. I ended my fasting and prayers on Wednesday, a day after I received a call from a friend who is working in a bank where I have submitted my Curriculum vitae. I was shocked when he asked me if I want to work abroad and told me about AEMIM because prior to that time, I have never applied for job abroad, I thought there was an opening in their bank. To cut the whole story short, that was how I miraculously got a well-paying job abroad and I'm happily working as a marketer today. Thank you Jesus.

The year 2020 was the toughest year in my life; I lost my brother to covid-19 who was my backbone and as a result of the same pandemic I lost my job as well. It became so hard for me that I had to question GOD because we are orphans and I didn't know how I could continue taking care of myself and younger sister without a job.

There was pressure, I called most of my friends to help with job opportunity, but the situation was very tough. I could not even move around freely to look for job because of the lockdown, so I started posting my CV online in search of a remote job and spending more time on the internet. This was how a guy I met on Facebook who lives in Canada told me about AEMIM. I didn't believe initially, but he insisted I send my documents and said "I will cover any expenses involved". At that point I couldn't resist, besides I was jobless and needed help urgently. This was how I left Abidjan, Ivory Coast for Canada last year. This month my younger sister came on a student visa. I can't be happier than this!