About Us

AEMIM has been active in the Job placement and Immigration industry by dispensing employment and resettlement solutions to thousands of clients who have found happiness living in some of the most privileged countries like Canada and the United States.

Over the years, AEMIM has diversified and has spread its roots in immigration, settlement, placement and strategic business consultancy.


Job Sourcing

As opposed to other staffing services and recruiting companies, we focus on people, dependability and service. AEMIM's innovative employment solutions and staffing services are custom tailored to your specific needs. We provide from one to hundreds of skilled or non-skilled temporary staffing agency jobs to suit your workforce needs as well as your corporate diversity demands. We will also consider filling larger projects in all geographical areas. Below, find more information about all of the staffing services and solutions we provide.

Unlike other recruiting companies, we provide customized solutions which are available for professional and skilled candidates. Our recruiters will insure a perfect match utilizing the following tools:

- Company culture study
- National remote recruitment
- National candidate databases
- Relocation assistance
- Match guarantee, backgrounds, testing
- Competitive pricing

In addition to the above, we offer complimentary services to our clients (companies and associates):

- Transportation to work
- On-site management
- New neighborhood acclimation
- Benefits & Paid vacations
- Online time system

Quality assurance is part of our commitment. Dedicated field supervisors are always available to provide assistance in training and development. They are on call 24 hours a day. Get started with our innovative staffing services for filling temporary staffing agency jobs, and even more importantly, finding your company employees who will thrive and help you succeed by contacting us today.


Placement Services
Our Employment Placement Services assist all job seekers in conducting successful job searches, their qualifications or background notwithstanding.

The Employment Placement Specialists help job seekers:

- Prepare a job search plan
- Clarify career goals and develop an understanding of the current job market and requisite skills
- Utilize on-site resources to seek employment
- Develop resumes, cover letters, thank you notes and references
- Schedule practice interviews with professional business representatives
- Arrange for interview appointments and interpreter services
- Follow up with job leads and provide on-the-job support
- Foster self-advocacy and navigate the job hunt process

Those interested in entering or re-entering the workforce may also consider enrolling in one of our job training, designed specifically for you. We also offer school-to-work transition programs for young adults to prepare them for the workplace place.


Resettlement Services
Every day hundreds of people globally seek to begin a new life in a new country. Some are refugees fleeing persecution, others come to join family and many are seeking to make a better life for themselves. Their backgrounds and personal histories may be widely different, but each one's experience on arrival is unique.

Don’t these terms send a chill down your spine and scare you off on the very thought of migrating somewhere? Yet we all end up doing it, why?
That is because we do not always think about ourselves. We look at our spouse (may be they will do better than what they are doing presently), we look at our children (may be they need a better educational system. May be they can get a better environment, may be the decision to relocate will help them in their life.

The United States and Canada are multi-cultural societies filled with people from various backgrounds. They vary from colour, race, food, etiquettes and so on. As a new comer, you may take some time to settle into these societies and understand the people from different walks of life and the culture at home, public or office. AEMIM has a separate wing to promote resettlement because it is an efficient way to integrate the newcomer into the host society. We offer services on an individual, student, family and group basis. We look to bridge the gap between the new immigrant and the mainstream population of these host societies.

The services we provide are not limited to the ones listed. Others include:
- Arrangement for accommodation on arrival, depending on the size and requirement of families, individuals or Students.
- Financial planning advice
- Home search, buy or rent
- Completion of paper works for Health, Taxes and Banking.
- One to one counseling on Job search, which includes preparation of resume for employers, covering letters, places to look for jobs and the right approach required for the job market.
- We can guarantee you maximum wage job (irrespective of location and nature of work.
- Ways to upgrade your skills and assist you to advance your English language for the available job market.

The above services are offered to immigrants for limited period on arrival and the fee depends on the specific agreement and on the services chosen. We can also custom create the settlement services according to unique demands of immigrants. We can assure you of best services at the MOST reasonable cost because we understand the anxiety and the thrill you are already experiencing in Migrating to the most wonderful places on earth.